Poker for fun bonus best tester – Rules

Every WinnerManager member will receive 500 chips, there are 3 tables for 10 players each available to play Texas Hold’em (SB 0,5/BB 1). They are open 24 h per day 7 days a week, so that each member can choose when to play. When there are no seats available, the player should wait until one becomes free.

Tables will close from 00.00 am to 01.00 am (Italian Time) every Monday, in order to do the chip count and to draw up the weekly classification.
This tournament will last 20 weeks from 17th of December 2012 to 5th May 2013
Every week the score will be given as follows:
1∞ class. 40 pt.
2∞ class. 30 pt.
3∞ class. 23 pt.
4∞ class. 18 pt.
5∞ class. 16 pt.
6∞ class. 15 pt.
7∞ class. 14 pt.
8∞ class. 13 pt.
9∞ class. 12 pt.
10∞ class. 11 pt.
11∞ class. 10 pt.
12∞ class. 9 pt.
13∞ class. 8 pt.
14∞ class. 7 pt.
15∞ class. 6 pt.
16∞ class. 5 pt.
17∞ class. 4 pt.
18∞ class. 3 pt.
19∞ class. 2 pt.
20∞ class. 1 pt.
From 21 class. 0 pt.
1 class. Of the week will receive a reward and every month, the 1 class. Of the whole period will receive a further reward.
At the end of every week, the chip count will be done to determine the score. If a member lose all his/her chips but still wants to keep on playing , he/she can buy tokens packages using CPs.
100 chips = 2
300 chips = 5
500 chips = 7
1200 chips = 14
(Only CPs from Renew and BT Wallet, it is not possible to buy chips with money)
Every re-buy or add-on gives 1 extra pt.
Weekly and monthly rewards will be communicated next.
At the end of the tournament, according to the general classification, draw up with the weekly score of each one, the best 20 players will be shown as follows:

Prizes: Win lots of Weekly, Monthly and Final Prizes

*Final Prizes
20th to 15th: a HP PAVILLON Notebook or a Coffee machine, worth 500-600 Euros;
14th to 11th: a SAMSUNG GALAXY sIII – worth 500-600 Euros;
10th to 5th: HD/3d Television of the most famous brands 50’;
4th: an all inclusive Cruise for 2 through Latin America or Mediterranean Sea (depending on where the lucky person lives);
3rd: an all inclusive Journey for 2, for 2 weeks in Brazil;
2nd: HONDA motorcycle or Electric car by RENAULT or sponsorship for EPT Tour, one of the most important tournament live in the world (worth 8000 Euros);

For a fair distribution of rewards and for a correct development of the game, there are several rules:
– A player cannot win more than twice both weekly and monthly reward, if so, the 2 class. Will receive the reward;
– All chats and poker hands will be recorded and checked by WinnerManager staff, so that every violent, offensive and wrong behavior, such as use of offensive words, use of collusion system, and all those chips passages that undermine those games rules and development, will be punished with the immediate banishment from the tournament, with an unilateral decision of WINNERMANAGER.
We wish you a good tournament and may the best man win!




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