Founders of the company: D Raffaele Ambrosio, Giorgio Congestri ‘and President Joseph Mizzi, a company registered in Panama in 2012

The meeting had in Italy have defined the lines of creating WinnerManager Dell company, its organizational structure, the new terms and conditions for Italy and Europe of the Regulation to all members of the Club

Thanks to the presence of people from high attitude and professionalism has made the first step towards a team that now allow All company to have an organization of professionals and staff to make everything fluent and dynamic, towards the realization of the final project

The areas of interest include Dell company Winnermanager are in Social marketing, which President Joseph Mizzi, gave a wonderful definition, talking about social marketing, which is very close to the definition of the scholar Philip Kotler:

“Social marketing can be defined as the use of strategies and marketing techniques to influence a target group to accept, modify or abandon a behavior voluntarily, in order to gain an advantage for individuals or society as a whole .

So” concrete opportunities to individuals and communities choose a responsible and conscious behavior favorable to the protection of the physical, social and psychological. The use of one communication as a lever for change in behavior can not be identified as social marketing activities, but such as “social communication”.

In commercial marketing research is an economic advantage for those who sell (or for those implementing the initiative), while in social marketing the primary objective is to obtain a benefit – social or health reasons – for the recipients of the project. Similarly, strategies of ‘societal marketing’ or ‘cause-related marketing’ implemented by profit entities can create an environment conducive to the promotion of social benefits, but integrating this goal in a broader business plan, without identifying it as its sole purpose. ‘

I dwell on statement:

“Concrete opportunities to individuals and communities choose a responsible and conscious behavior favorable to the protection of the physical, social and psychological.”

All this becomes the mission, philosophy Dell company that identifies this message:

Create social and economic welfare

Through the future of interactive marketing

What we need is social welfare, and economic well-being, and development of marketing techniques related to the web and the internet we would be able to reverse the present situation of a society demotivated, taken from worries and negative situations in a condition where you will create a physical, social, psychological and where will highlight the new reality as a manager winning, men and women with great positive energy.

Appointments that in 2013 there will be the end of January – beginning of February in Rome where you made the presentation of the new brand of WinnerManager, edited by a leading communications agency in Rome, this time there will be associated with both Italian and foreign, especially Brazilian way, since Brazil is currently the country with the world’s most associated in WinnerManager

also pre Therefore in February there will be a meeting in Brazil, where the company’s partners will stay for a tour of events that will take at least two weeks.

Important events affecting the company are the creation of Iperparadise store, creating short-term portal of online auctions, the start of the poker tournament, which will start with the new year.

the ability to collaborate actively in the sale online – shop and auctions, which in portal applications and social games, also in the portal test of video games will ensure revenue growth worldwide as well as a growing worldwide community.

In January, with the terms and conditions for Europe and Italy there will be new jobs, existing as a body corporate Executive Club which compares weekly with the company and as the organ Staff,

working together to operational tasks with the whole group

As the site is being rebuilt both in content and graphics

I recommend the two blogs:



We stay up to date on all the latest news and initiatives of this American company, which is attracting the attention of many, for his vision and for the uniqueness of the project, the new social marketing.

Team WinnerManager



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